A new home

My new home: The Workhouse. On a sunny day a true Garden of Eden. 




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Home – back to normal?

Bless Irish bus drivers! I had just arrived at the airport, after having left the hotel at half 4 in the morning without so much as a minute of sleep, just to discover that my bus had left 5 minutes ago. Which, on a Sunday evening, means: 3 1/2 hours of waiting. And being home way after midnight. But no – the fabulous driver of another bus conversed with his colleague, then rang another colleague, and arranged for me to be brought into Dublin city just in time to catch my bus home, without even charging me for the way to the city.
Thank you! What a lovely experience after a long and rather depressing day (saying goodbye is always depressing …). Welcome back to Ireland!
But still – I already miss the place and the people in Greece so much. I’m just so grateful for this opportunity, it might have stirred me in a completely new direction, which is possibly the very thing I need right now.


Returning home with a head full of ideas, a suitcase full of exercises and a heart full of happy memories; and now it’s back to normal. And even though it was very, very hard to leave – especially after a beautiful and very special goodbye party yesterday night -, I’m happy to be returning to KCAT. Missed you, guys!

And maybe it’s not quite back to normal after all. Maybe some of the experiences we are bringing back really have changed something. Maybe we will set our ideas in action, realize our projects, create new international friendships, not only between people, but also between organizations. The Abhainn Rí Festival might have some international visitors this year!

And I certainly hope to be back in Kalamata some time soon!

Do you have any idea how many interesting, innovative, important projects and ideas are out there? I didn’t. Even though I get to know a lot of amazing projects all over Europe through EVS and Erasmus+, and of yours through my work in KCAT and in Camphill, I still discover whole new projects and work fields. In our group we had people doing youth work in Jordan, in Egypt, Croatia, Ireland, Holland, France, Greece, Romania, Tunisia. It is very interesting to look at their situations and compare the challenges they are facing – some that are the same everywhere, some so very different. Maria and I are not here in the function of a youth worker, but in the end of the day, we all are facing similar situations. And while the two of as are lacking experience in, say, dealing with youth unemployment or drug abuse, we can nevertheless share experiences, thoughts and ideas that contribute to the whole. The basis upon which we are working is the same for all of us: non-formal education. We discuss values and aims, experiment, share experiences, facilitate. And of course we have an awful lot of fun, too 🙂 The last day is dedicated to create international projects and cooperations. If we manage to stay on the ball, we might be able to spark some amazing ideas and set them into motion. I hope we do.